Infusion outpatient clinic for rheumatology

The Infusion outpatient clinic is an essential focus of the practice. An increasing number of therapies in modern internal rheumatology are infusion therapies requiring supervision, some of which last up to 6 hours. In order to spare patients a 2 to 3-day inpatient stay, our day clinic offers a comfortable, professional alternative close to home. All approved rheumatological infusion therapies including rituximab, belimumab and cyclophosphamide are carried out here.  The day clinic is equipped according to the most modern medical-technical standards, while at the same time it is our special concern to create a comfortable and trusting atmosphere for our patients.


Examination of the indication for the infusion therapy, information about the effects, side effects and the course of the infusion therapy, appointment of the first 3 scheduled infusions, before each infusion renewed medical consultation, physical examination and blood sample to exclude contraindications, during the infusion continuous monitoring, after each infusion monitoring phase of 30 to 60 minutes, same day discharge of the patient home, medical report to referring doctors


Inform us about possible infections or other contraindications the day before the planned infusion. If necessary, take something to read and drink/eat with you. You can choose films from the practice's own DVD library or bring your own films and watch them at the infusion site.